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Cycling Routes in and Around Denia

Nestled on the northeastern coastline of Spain, within the province of Alicante, Denia is a gem for cyclists seeking picturesque landscapes, challenging climbs, and coastal breezes. The town serves as a gateway to the Costa Blanca, offering routes that cater to all levels of cycling enthusiasts, from leisure riders to professional athletes. This article explores the most captivating cycling routes in and around Denia, highlighting their unique features, difficulties, and the unforgettable experiences they promise.

1. Exploring Denia's Historic Heart

Starting in the bustling port of Denia, a leisurely route meanders through the old town, offering a gentle introduction to cycling in the area. This circuit, approximately 10 kilometers long, is perfect for those looking to combine a bit of exercise with cultural exploration. Riders can admire the impressive Denia Castle, dating back to the 11th century, perched above the town. The route winds through narrow streets, past colorful townhouses, and opens up to the Marina de Denia, where cyclists can enjoy the sea breeze before looping back to the starting point.

2. Montgó Natural Park Loop

For nature lovers, the Montgó Natural Park Loop presents a challenging but rewarding route. This 50-kilometer journey begins in Denia and circles the Montgó Massif, a striking limestone mountain that dominates the landscape. The climb through the park is demanding, with steep gradients and sharp turns, but the views from the top are unparalleled, offering panoramic vistas of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding countryside. The descent through the quaint village of Javea provides a scenic return to Denia, making this loop a favorite among more experienced cyclists.

3. The Coastal Ride to Javea

A more relaxed option is the coastal ride from Denia to Javea. Stretching 20 kilometers along the Mediterranean coast, this route is relatively flat and suitable for all ages and abilities. Cyclists are treated to stunning sea views, secluded beaches, and rocky coves, perfect for a refreshing swim stop. The path also passes by the Montgó Natural Park, offering a glimpse of its magnificent flora and fauna without the strenuous climb.

4. La Vall de Gallinera Cherry Blossom Route

In spring, the Vall de Gallinera comes alive with the pink and white blossoms of cherry trees, making it a must-ride for visitors during this season. This 40-kilometer route from Denia takes cyclists through a series of eight picturesque villages nestled in a valley renowned for its agriculture. The ride is characterized by gentle climbs and rolling hills, suitable for intermediate cyclists. The highlight, without a doubt, is the breathtaking beauty of the cherry blossoms, a unique spectacle that contrasts beautifully with the green valley and the blue sky.

5. The Serpentines of the Coll de Rates

For those seeking a challenge, the route to the Coll de Rates is an iconic climb in the region. Starting from Denia, the route covers approximately 60 kilometers round trip, with the climb itself offering an average gradient of 5% over 6.5 kilometers. It's a test of endurance and strength, but the effort is rewarded with one of the most spectacular views over the Costa Blanca. The ascent is popular among professional cyclists for training, but it's also achievable for amateurs with a good level of fitness. Cafes at the top provide a well-deserved break before the exhilarating descent back to Denia.

6. Cycling to the Cape of San Antonio

Another scenic route takes cyclists from Denia to the Cape of San Antonio, covering around 30 kilometers round trip. This route is famed for its breathtaking cliff-top views of the Mediterranean and the Montgó Massif. The journey involves moderate climbs and is well-suited for intermediate cyclists. The highlight of this ride is the lighthouse at the cape, offering a serene spot to rest and soak in the panoramic views.

7. Denia to Calpe: The Coastal Challenge

For those looking to push their limits, the route from Denia to Calpe presents a longer and more challenging option. This 90-kilometer round trip skirts the coastline, passing through charming coastal towns and offering continuous views of the sea. The route includes several climbs, the most notable being the ascent to the Cumbre del Sol, a mountain top settlement with steep gradients that have featured in professional cycling races. This route is recommended for experienced cyclists looking for a full day's adventure.

Cycling Infrastructure and Safety in Denia

Denia is well-prepared for cyclists, with dedicated bike lanes in the town and clearly marked cycling routes throughout the region. Bike rentals are readily available, offering everything from leisure bikes to high-end road bikes. Cyclists are advised to wear helmets, carry water, and use sunscreen, especially in the summer months when temperatures can soar. Additionally, respecting traffic rules and being mindful of pedestrians and motorists ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Cycling in and around Denia offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the natural beauty, cultural heritage, and challenging landscapes of the Costa Blanca. Whether you're a casual rider looking to soak up the sun along the coast or a seasoned cyclist aiming to conquer steep climbs, Denia has something to offer. With its welcoming community, excellent infrastructure, and diverse routes, Denia stands out as a premier cycling destination in Spain. So, pack your gear, hop on a bike, and discover the magic of Denia on two wheels

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The coastal ride to Javea and the historic heart of Denia route are ideal for beginners, offering flat terrains and stunning scenery

Yes, the Coll de Rates and the route to Calpe provide challenging climbs and are popular among experienced cyclists for their steep gradients

Absolutely, Denia has several bike rental shops offering a range of bicycles from leisure to high-end road bikes suitable for different terrains

Cycling in Denia is safe with dedicated bike lanes, clear route markings, and a culture of respect among cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists. Wearing helmets and following traffic rules is advised

Spring and autumn are ideal, offering mild temperatures and the chance to see the Vall de Gallinera cherry blossoms or the pleasant autumn colors

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